Decentralised NFT investment fund

$JPEG is the first cryptocurrency backed by NFTs (and so much more).

NFTs shown here are all part of the vault.

Main Features/Benefits

JPEGvault is owned and ran by its community

We use powerful tokenomics to automatically fill up the investment fund.
JPEGvault belongs to its holders
$JPEG act as shares of the investment fund. Your tokens are backed by the NFTs held in the fund.
Passive income
Earn money when we do. You get a share of all NFT sales. You get a share of all other revenue (and there will be a lot)

JPEG IDO round 2

JPEG IDO round 2 started on Monday 10.01.22. You are able to buy our token on ETH and BSC networks. The sale will end on February 13th at the latest.

Networks : ETH & BSC

300 000 000 JPEG

Token price : ~$0.00133

Rate: Displayed on the IDO website

Soft cap : $300k

Hard cap : $400k

Min contribution : ~$50

Max contribtion : ~$4500

We'll adapt the rates during the presale according to the price evolution of BNB/ETH in order to have the same token price for everyone.

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Alien Frens
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Expansion Punks
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Investment thesis

We rely on community members and NFT experts to identify good buying opportunities, these are the criteria we look for.


Sep 2021

Q4 2021

  • ICO round 1 (sold out) ✅
  • Team growth : 2 to 10 ✅
  • CMC/Coingecko and other listings ✅
  • Development of investment thesis ✅
  • Community growth ✅
  • $200k of assets under management ✅
Dec 2021

Q1 2022

  • ICO round 2 ⌛️
  • Relaunch on ETH and BSC⌛️
  • Bridge to Polygon⌛️
  • Heavy marketing ⌛️
  • Claiming Dashboard ⌛️
  • 5 CEX listings ⌛️
  • Solidifying team ⌛️
  • $1M of assets under management⌛️
Nov 2021

Q2 2022

  • NFTFi ⌛️
  • Bridge to Metis/Fantom and more ⌛️
  • 10 CEX listings ⌛️
  • Metaverse HQ ⌛️
  • $5M of assets under management ⌛️
May 2022


  • Biggest digital real estate owner ⌛️
  • Most exclusive community owned NFT collection in the world ⌛️
  • And so much more !

Tokenomics & Info

Our token will be available on both ETH and BSC networks. It will use a 10% transaction fee to fund our investment wallet and allows us to buy NFTs for our community. As the project grows, the fees will decrease to allow more and more buyers to come in and the token to be traded in a more organic manner.

1 000 000 000

Token supply on each chain



10% Fee

6% For the Investment wallet

In order to buy NFTs, we need funds. These funds will only be used to buy NFTs. 

2% Towards building our ecosystem

This goes into our growth wallet to fund marketing and development.

2% in liquidity

A part of it will automatically go in liquidity pools. And another part of it will go to a liquidity wallet to ensure we can launch on other chains.

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